Ostool Transport

Ostool was founded in the 2010 and is owned by Raya Corp and Citadel Capital. By leveraging the knowhow and tools available to the largest IT company in Egypt and the largest investment fund in the Middle East, Ostool is well positioned to provide the most professional, largest Land trucking fleet in Egypt.

Ostool started it’s exporting activities with sand, gravel for construction use, also silica sand for glass manufacturing. Moreover, Ostool supplies table salt, de-icing salt which is ideal for runways, highways, roads or any vehicle surfaces. Moreover, Ostool recently achieved to step in India phosphate market.

Ostool has built an effective system of transportation logistics and management. Using cutting edge technology, Ostool could improve response time and coordination of services. Whether it is in our safety standards or impeccable Fleet maintenance program, our services aim to provide Consistency and Reliability.

Our Owners

Raya Holding

In 1999, seven leading IT companies decided to merge, creating Raya Holding, the Middle East’s largest CIT company with a vision to grow into a solid financial conglomerate with multifaceted operations.
Raya Holding manages 9 subsidiaries and owns stakes in leading companies from various industries. Besides leading the information technology and consumer electronics market in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa since 1999, Raya Holding manages subsidiaries operating in contact center, smart buildings development, data center outsourcing, land transport, PET recycling and social media development.
Listed in the Egypt Stock Exchange (EGX) and with a number of 4, 000 employees, Raya Holding is committed to maximize its shareholders’ value and to expand its reach with branches in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf, Nigeria and USA, catering to a customer base located on six continents.


citadel capital egypt
(CCAP.CA on the EGX) is the leading private equity firm in the Middle East and Africa.

Today, its 19 Opportunity-Specific Funds control Platform Companies with investments

of more than US$ 8.3 billion in 15 industries including energy, mining, agrifoods, cement,

transportation and retail.


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